Legal Reference



New Mexico Brand Laws pdf

Wyoming's SB-1 pdf   {N.M. should pass this too.}

Executive Order 12630 pdf (Property rights)

Executive Order 12898 pdf (Environmental justice)

Key federal statutes that confirmed or granted  split estate property rights to western ranchers.

seperate link: Very important for Allotment Owners.


Suing The Federal Government For Civil Rights Violations pdf

Regulatory Takings and Inverse Condemnation Explained pdf

Supreme Court Favors Property Rights In Development Challenge pdf

Supreme Court Takings Doctrine pdf

Should I Hire An Attorney? pdf



Legal Cases:

Curtin V. Benson pdf (grazing on federal lands)

Alves V. US pdf

Us v. New Mexico pdf (Water Rights on Federal Domain)

Roth V. US 2.7 megabytes pdf (ROW on federal domain)

Hage V. US pdf (Claims)

Shuler v. Babbit pdf (ESA related)

SUWA v. BLM and San Juan County pdf (RS-2477)




Revised Statute RS2477 1995 pdf